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About Us

As a company that takes aspiration in venturing into the agricultural sector as its core, Al Hilmi takes the venture on a large scale, spanning from livestock to plantation. What makes Al Hilmi a unified body of its own is their key manufacturing material, their main core products are fully based on agarwood.



Familiarising with Agarwood is quite simple. Agarwood or Kayu Gaharu (as its commonly known in Malaysia), is more than your normal piece of wood. Being a native form of heartwood in Southeast Asia province, it embodies an odour that is both complex yet pleasing and can only be found in select type of natural forms. By taking advantage of this attribute, the company chose to fully harness the capabilities of agarwood and decides to start plantations in order to create end products related to agarwood.

After a decade worth of research and experience has gone into the agarwood industry, Al Hilmi is now ready to offer agarwood consumer grade products to the public through their online marketplace. The agarwood products offered are divided into two main brands: E-Gaharu & RA’s Agarwood

E-Gaharu: The E-Gaharu line-up focuses solely on using the agarwood for conventional purposes either for self, home or industrial.

RA’s Agarwood: While the RA’s Agarwood line-up focuses solely on beauty, fragrance and healthcare products.


Tambak D'Village

In addition to the agricultural venture of agarwood in the past decade, Al Hilmi has also gained a substantial agricultural land that enables various agricultural activities. Thus, Al Hilmi now offers AGROTourism at Tambak D’Village, Slim River in the form of tourism packages. With AGROTourism, tourists are now able to fully experience the breath-taking tour on the habitat of agarwood at our plantations. This package is suitable for a family getaway.

In addition, our tourism package also offers team building activities suitable for groups and companies. Our activities are fully equipped with professional grade and internationally certified equipment. We always want to make sure that everything is at their peak performance for both safety and experience.